Contact and Work with me

I am open to cooperating and working with brands and businesses in the hospitality industry in Italy that share our vision and audience. 

Partnering up with Marta from Mama Loves Italy you will work with an established professional with over 15 years of experience in the tourism industry and over 5 years in the professional blogging world.

As well as Mama Loves Italy, Marta runs the family travel blog Learning Escapes,  the specialized travel site Mama Loves Rome runs a Facebook private group specializing in Italy travel with children and is co-editor of Little City Trips, a site about city travel with kids. 

Should you be interested in partnering up with us, get in touch and we can discuss how we can work together.

What type of services we offer:

  • We are happy to test out and review tours (for families and not only), workshops and activities of interest for visitors taking place in Italy 
  • We are happy to test out and review hotels and accommodation options in Italy. For family-oriented properties, we are happy to discuss packages that include coverage on our family travel website Learning Escapes and exposure onto all its social media channels
  • We are open to testing out travel gear suitable for families and visitors to Rome 

What we do not offer 

  • We do not offer paid (nor free!) link placement options
  • We do not offer booking services and do not operate as a travel agent. However, as much as possible we try and make it easy for our readers to book the activities and hotels we recommend and include affiliate links whenever this is appropriate and of use to our audience. We are happy to give informal advice and share opinion should you feel like reaching out to us for tips
  • We regret that we are not often available for visits at a short notice as often out of the country. However, should you wish to invite us, we will try our best to have our dates to align.

For working together inquiries please do contact me on: marta [.] correale [@] gmail [.] com or mamalovesitaly [@]