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100 Italian names for boys you will love in 2023

100 Italian names for boys to help you choose the perfect Italian baby name. Popular Italian baby names for boys and 100 ideas for your precious new arrival.

When we were expecting our baby boy, we knew the Italian boy’s name we wanted. However, we didn’t tell anyone until the day he was born.

This brought lots of speculation from my family so much so that their ideas alone were sufficient to fill a list of Italian names for boys with well over 100 entries!

If you are looking for inspiration to pick the perfect Italian name for your boy, this list can help. It is based on the most popular boy names in Italy and it has also the meaning most commonly associated with them.

It follows the same format and idea of our list of 100 Italian names for girls that you can find here.

Most popular Italian names for boys in 2021-2022 (and 2023 projections)

  • Leonardo
  • Francesco
  • Alessandro
  • Lorenzo
  • Mattia
  • Andrea
  • Tommaso
  • Gabriele
  • Riccardo
  • Edoardo

The most popular Italian names for boys in 2020

In the previous year, popular names for boys in Italy were:

  1. Alessandro
  2. Lorenzo
  3. Diego
  4. Tommaso
  5. Riccardo
  6. Matteo
  7. Lorenzo
  8. Leonardo
  9. Gabriele
  10. Edoardo

Source: Istat (Italian statistical institute)

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100 Italian names for boys, their origin and meaning

NameOrigin/ Language rootMost likely original meaning
AdrianoLatinFrom Adria
AlbertoGermanThat who brings light thought his nobility
AldoGermanUnsure: probably ‘wise’
AlessandroGreekSavior, protector of people
AngeloGreekMessenger, Angel
AntonioGreek (unsure)That who comes first
AntonelloSee AntonioThat who comes first
BiagioLatinThat who stutters
BrunoLatinDark (as in: color)
CamilloHebrewMinister of God (popular ancient Roman name)
CarloGermanValiant, King
ClaudioLatinThat who stumbles (Ancient Roman family name)
CorradoGermanCorageous in his decisions
CosimoGreekOrnament or, possibly, modetate, humble
CristianGreekChristian, follower of Christ
DarioPersianThat who has, rich
DiegoGreekEducated, erudite
DomenicoLatinOf God
EdoardoSaxonGuardian of goods
EmanueleEbrewGod is with us
EmilioLatinRival (Roman Family name)
EmilianoLatin (See Emilio)Rival (Roman Family name)
ErnestoGermanLoyal, straight
FabioLatinThat who grows beans (ancient Roman family name)
FabrizioLatinFaber, maker
FaustoLatinLucky, fortunate, suitable
FedericoGermanRich of peace, protector
FerdinandoGermanicBrave, bearer of peace
FilippoGreekThat who loves horses
FrancescoLatinFrom France
FulvioLatinBlond, golden
GabrieleHebrewGod’s strength
GiacomoHebrewGod protects
GianlucaSee LucaSacred place or possibly light
GioeleHewbrewYahvé is my God
GiovanniHebrewGod’s Grace
GiulianoLatinDevout to Jupiter (Popular Roman family name)
GiulioLatin (see Giuliano)Devout to Jupiter (Popular Roman family name)
GuidoGermanFar (also in: that who shows the way ahead)
LapoHebrewFollower of God
LorenzoLatinFrom Laurentium (place)
LucaGreek (unsure)Sacred place or possibly light
LucioGreek (see Luca)Sacred place or possibly light
LudovicoGermanStrong fighter
Luigi German (see Ludovico)Strong fighter
MarcelloLatinSacred to Mars
MarcoLatinSacred to Mars
MarioEtruscanMinister of the gods
MassimoLatinBiggest, greatest
MassimilianoLatin (see Massimo)Biggest, greatest
MatteoHebrewOf God
MattiaHebrew (see Matteo)Of God
MaurizioLatinFrom Mauritania
MauroLatin (see Maurizio)From Mauritania
MicheleHebrewGod’s strength
NeriTuscan variation of Ranieri, GermanDeciding warrior
Niccolo’ Greek (see Nicola)Winner
PaoloLatinLittle, small
PasqualeHebrewOf Easter
PatrizioLatinNoble, Patrician
RaffaeleHebrewHealer or healed
RaffaelloHebrew (see Raffaele)Healer or healed
RaulGermanStrong in assembly
RiccardoGermanStrong, Dominant
RuggeroGermanValiant with a spear
SamueleHebrewHis name is God
SilvioLatinSilvester, of the woods
SimoneHebrewGod heard my voice
Tommaso HebrewTwin
TullioLatinRoman Name
WalterGermanStrong war leader
ZenoGreekDevout to Zeus

Gender-neutral Italian names

The Italian language traditionally doesn’t have gender neutral names.

However, there are some names that are less gender-specific than others. These are:

  • Andrea – traditionally a male name in Italy, Andrea is becoming more and more common also for girls an as a non-binary name.
  • Felice (lit. happy) – like Andrea, Felice is a common male name but can also be used as neutral.
  • Celeste (lit. celestial, of the sky) – more typically a female name, it can also work for boys or as a gender-neutral name
  • Fiore (lit. Flower) – gaining popularity, especially in recent years
  • Diamante (lit. Diamond) – traditionally a girl’s name, it can also be used as boy’s name or a gender-neutral one

In many many cases, however, gender-neutral names in Italy are often foreign names that Italian parents take from other languages that offer more flexible options.

Abroad, it is not uncommon to see Italian-inspired names for boys that have a gender-neutral nature.

Names like Armani, Alessi, Fendi names inspired by locations or brands are Italian in feel but traditional and not commonly found in Italy (or at least, not yet!)

I hope you enjoyed these Italian names for boys and that helped you pick the perfect baby name!

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