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Venice printables for kids that will make sightseeing fun for all ages (FREE download)

Venice printables for kids. Fun and educational, FREE printable sheets for kids visiting Venice. Printable Venice scavenger hunt for kids, kids’ Venice bucket list, word search, landmarks info, travel journal to help your kids stay engaged and have fun while sightseeing in Venice.

My children engage with sightseeing a lot more and a lot better if they have something to do.

Having a list of things to spot, a task to complete or an activity to carry out really helps them engage with the place we are visiting and getting over the inevitable moments of tiredness and boredom that come when visiting an art city as a small child.

In previous articles, we have shared all our favorite things to do in Venice with kids.

Today, I want to add to that family guide with the printable activities I have made for my children and that I hope can help you have a fun time in Venice.

The Mama Loves Italy Venice printables include:

  • A scavenger hunt with Venice’s main sites and landmarks
  • A bucket list of Venice activities your children can do in Venice
  • A ‘match the name to the landmark’ sheet
  • A word search
  • Info cards with essential info about Venice’s main landmarks
  • Activity cards
  • A travel journal / daily planner

These Venice printables are free to download from this website: you find the printer-friendly version as an 11-page booklet at the end of this page.

Venice printables – kids’ scavenger hunt

The Mama loves Italy Venice scavenger hunts cover the city of Venice’s most famous landmarks and sights.

My kids love looking around trying to spot the landmarks on the list, and see a lot of additional sites in the process as their attentive eyes scan the place to find the right attraction.

Venice Bucket list for kids

For this bucket list, I have selected activities that do not require expensive purchases so families traveling on a budget can use them too.

Venice landmark info cards for kids

These info cards have essential info about Venice’s main landmarks so that older children can put in context what they see.

The photo below shows you a sample, In the downloadable booklet, you find three pages with info about Venice’s main sites.

Venice attractions activity sheet

These Venice activity sheets are what I used to help my children tune in with themselves and the attraction they are about to see.

We use them before we start our visit as a moment to check in with how they are feeling, help them engage with their surroundings through our senses, establish expectations and then we use them again to compare what we thought we would see with the actual experience we had.

They are not specific to an attraction so you can print as many as you need.

Venice word search

My kids love a word search!

Venice match-the-name-with-the-landmark activity

A simple activity with Venice landmarks in English and Italian

Venice trip daily planner for kids

Two versions of daily planners for kids of different ages, so they can keep track of their plans and activities.

Venice travel journal for kids

My kids love a trip travel journal that they can fill out while waiting for dinner.

It is a fun way to help them pass the time, recall the day and it is a fantastic memento from the trip too, easy to store and fantastic to rediscover in a few years’ time!

Venice printables for kids – download for free

I have collated printable versions of all the materials above in one 9-page booklet you can download for free from this site.

The booklet is exclusive for our subscribers as a thank you for your support. Subscription to MLI is free.

Click here to download

If you want even more help or you have any questions, please in my FREE Facebook group about traveling to Italy with kids: I will be happy to have you there and the tips from me and the other members are FREE!

Venice Printables for kids – pin this!

Image of Venice printables (scavenger hunt, activity sheet, word search) with tect: 11 page Venice printables for kids by Mama Loves Italy

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