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Florence printables for kids that will make sightseeing fun for all ages (12-page booklet FREE to download)

Florence printables for kids: a 12-page booklet with Florence-based printable activities for kids. Florence scavenger hunt for kids, Florence kids’ bucket list, activity cards, main attractions info cards, word search and travel journal for a fun family vacation in Florence.

I love Florence and I have fond memories of happy family vacations spent in Florence with the kids.

I love the beauty of Florence city center, its wonderful shop, the colorful marbles of Florence’s churches that seem to dance in the sun and I love how much art is around you, no matter where in Florence you may be.

Despite this love for the city, I know that Florence is not the easiest place to visit with kids.

Little children, in particular, my find Florence city center lacking in playgrounds and the traditional museums not interactive enough.

To help you have a wonderful family time in Florence, I have previously shared my guide to visiting Florence with kids, with all our best tips and recommended activities/ tours for families.

Today, I want to add to it with some printable activities you can use to keep the kids engaged while exploring, in between activities or on those days when you have nothing planned and just want to take in the city.

These are very simple activity sheets that have helped my children enjoy the city and that I hope your kids may enjoy too!

The Mama Loves Italy Florence printables include:

  • A scavenger hunt with Florence’s main sites and landmarks and peculiar finds kids may like to spot
  • A bucket list of Florence activities your children can do while in the city
  • A ‘match the name to the landmark’ sheet
  • A word search
  • Info cards with essential info about Florence’s main landmarks
  • Activity cards
  • A travel journal / daily planner

These Florence printables are free to download from this website: you find the printer-friendly version as a 12-page booklet at the end of this page.

Florence printables – kids’ scavenger hunt

This simple scavenger hunt is a great way to keep little kids motivated to walk while exploring Florence’s city center.

All the items on the list are in the most visited part of Florence and where you are likely to spend most of your time, especially if visiting Florence for just a day or less.

Printable Florence scavenger hunt for kids

In particular, I have included:

  • Brunelleschi’s dome: easy to spot even by little kids
  • Santa Maria Novella: one of the most important churches in Florence and kids will spot it straight away as you step into the beautiful piazza it overlooks.

Good to know! Depending on the age of your kids, they can just try spotting the landmark of you can challenge them to harder discoveries such as the sundial on its facade or the small turtles supporting the monument in front of the church

  • Ponte Vecchio: no need for introductions for this famous Florence landmark
  • Venchi’s chocolate waterfall: on Via dei Calzaiuoli, famous chocolatier Venchi has a shop with a whole wall covered by a chocolate waterfall!
  • Fontana del Porcellino: a famous fountain in Mercato Nuovo in the shape of a wild boar. Kids love its shape and the legend around it (find it in the ‘Florence top sights’ cards in the booklet)
  • Palazzo Vecchio: the most iconic palazzo in iconic Piazza della Signoria, an unmissable landmark in Florence city center
  • Medusa’s Head: an excuse to get them (and you!) to notice stunning Loggia dei Lanzi in Piazza della Signoria
  • Piazza della Repubblica carousel: a Florence institution and always a kids’ favorite
  • Horse and Carriages in Piazza Duomo: no matter how beautiful the duomo is, my kids always beeline to the horses just in front of it instead! Lovely creature to try and spot while visiting Florence with kids
  • Neptune’s Fountain: Florence has many beautiful outdoor sculptures that are free to admire. I included this one as it is in Piazza della Signoria and is part of famous fountains.

Florence printables – kids’ bucket list

There are several activities that are iconic of Florence and that your kids may enjoy putting on their travel must-do list.

The ones I have included in this Florence bucket list are affordable or even free, so you can use this list no matter what type of budget you are working with.

I have intended these as a way to keep them busy and, hopefully, get a sense of achievement also if you are not paying for tours or activities.

Florence printables, kids' bucket list

Florence’s main attractions info cards for kids

I always want my kids to get some basic information about what we see, even on days when we do not take tours.

For them, I have created essential info cards for Florence’s big attractions so that they know what they are looking at and can decide if it is worth discovering more or better to move on.

The page you see in the photo is a sample. In the booklet, I have 3 pages with the main city’s landmarks.

Florence attractions activity cards

These activity sheets are what I used to help my children tune in with themselves and the attraction they are about to see.

We use them before we start our visit as a moment to check in with how they are feeling, help them engage with their surroundings through our senses, establish expectations and then we use them again to compare what we thought we would see with the actual experience we had.

They are not specific to an attraction so you can print as many as you need.

Florence word search

A fun activity for kids who love reading- based challenges.

Florence matching game

An easy game for kids to help them learn the names of Florence’s main sights and geographical features

Daily planner

A daily planner (in two different version, for you and your child) to help keep track of plans for the day.

Travel Journal

Fun to fill out in the evening when waiting for dinner and recalling the day

Florence printable for kids – downloadable booklet

I have collated printable versions of all the materials above in one 12-page booklet you can download for free from this site.

The booklet is exclusive for our subscribers as a thank you for your support. Subscription to MLI is free.

Florence printables for kids – pin this!

Photo of 3 of the printables included in the booklet with text: 12-page Florence printables for kids

Going to Italy with kids? Don’t forget to check all our Italy travel resources for parents.

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