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Gifts for Italy lovers: gifts ideas for Italy lovers you can get online right now

Gifts for Italy lovers. A cool selection of gift ideas for Italy lovers you can get online – gifts big and small for the Italians at heart.

If you are looking for gift ideas for the Italy lover in your life, this article is for you!

I have many friends who simply adore Italy and I love to help them get a piece of my home country at home giving them gifts that will remind them of the Italian atmospheres they crave.

The web is full of lovely gifts that make it easy to get a nice Italy themed gift from the comfort of your home so today, I am going to share with you my best gift ideas for Italy lovers you can get online.

If they can’t go to Italy in December, these gifts will bring a touch of Italy to their homes.

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Gifts for Italy lovers: Italy themed gifts and stocking fillers

Some of these gifts, but not all, are extra personal as customizable with your favorite maps and engravings.

Please make sure you give exact details of what you want to the maker, when possible, so you can be sure to love the final result.

Italy heart map art

I am absolutely in love with this idea: a wall art piece with a map of one, or more, significant places in the shape of a heart, the perfect gift for an international family!

It is available on Uncommon Goods here and you can personalized it with your favorite map: I am thinking places where you met your other half, location of a proposal, first place you traveled to, hometowns if your family calls home several places – Italy locations available

Italy themed coasters

Different, pretty and perfect for those who love to think of Italy over a warm drink or a glass of Italian wines, Italy themed coasters make for a thoughtful gift.

They come in several styles to suit home decor of all types. These ones are from Amazon

While I found these ones on Uncommon Goods here, which you can personalize with your own photos

Italy fridge magnets

Does your friend regret not getting that fridge magnet back in Tuscany?

Or maybe they have a cherished photo from Italy they would love to have on their fridge, but are missing a suitable magnet?

Then an Italy themed magnet can be a lovely, funny small gift that will make them think of Italy (and you) every time they look at their fridge!

Italy mug

Mugs are a fun and easy way to make a personalized gift.

For Italy lovers, you can buy ready made ones with funny Italian sayings or you can even make your own, printing a favorite Italy photo on a plain mug – it makes for a super personal, lovely gift that will make them feel Italy a little closer.

Italy shower curtain

An Italy themed shower curtain can be another funny gift for an Italy lover who needs to spruce up their bathroom!

Easy to set up and budget friendly, they come in several sizes and most do no require DIY ability or complex assembly.

Vintage Italy poster or Map

Vintage Italy posters like this one make for a lovely gift: you can choose between cool vintage ad for Italy holidays or, if you are buying for a map lover, you can select a super cool map of their favorite Italian city like this one.

Wine regions of Italy wall art

A cool gift for Italian wine lovers and Italy lovers in general: a wall art map of wine regions of Italy to reminisce about a trip or dream of a new one. Find in on Uncommon Goods here

Italy map, personalized wine bottle holder

Another Italy themed gift for wine lovers, this is a bottle coaster that you can personalize with a map of your favorite location (I am thinking: Tuscany!) and a personal engraves message on the back, to make it extra special.

Perfect to mark a special occasion such as a anniversary. Find it on UncommonGoods here

Italy Christmas ornaments

Christmas ornaments come in several styles and materials (this one is cool), perfect for all Christmas styles!

Italy pillow cover

Perfect to spruce up an old pillow and add an Italian touch to any couch! Pillow covers come in several sizes – check here for options

Italy calendar 2021

Make Italy feel a little closed with stunning images of it each month.

I love this Italy calendar by national geographic, with lovely images from some of the most beautiful destinations in Italy.

Simple yet one of the best gifts for Italy lovers counting down the days to their next trip!

Italian themed jewelry

For a thoughtful gift, you can choose between made in Italy jewels like Murano Glass pendants or opt for Italy inspired charm bracelet or pick an Italy map for these costume jewelry ideas for pendants, keyrings and cufflings

Italian perfume

Nothing is more powerful than smell to bring memories back! This fragrance by L’Erbolario for women will transport them right back to Italy!

Gifts ideas for Italy lovers who cook

Some cool ideas for Italy lovers who are good in the kitchen (or want to be) are

You can even add a virtual cooking class live from Italy, so they can perfect their technique!

Gifts for Italy lovers who drink coffee

Many Italy lovers also love Italian coffee and there are many way to indulge them in their passion!

These are some cool gift ideas to suit all budgets

Italian Espresso cups

Espresso cups make for a lovely Italy-themed gift: they can be used as an everyday coffee cup or, even better, they can come out as a set at the end of meal with friends, Italian style!

You can find them in several styles but for Italy lovers, you cannot beat these painted ones, with pretty images of Italian cities.

Italian stove top coffee maker

A wonderful gift for Italian coffee lovers is a traditional Italian stove top coffee maker.

Easy to use and long lasting (good ones are virtually indestructible!), they make delicious coffee and fill the house with that amazing coffee perfume that will make you feel like you are back in an Italian cafe!

You can accompany the gift with their favorite Italian coffee brand too: find the best Italian coffees you can get online here.

A full Italian espresso machine – barista style

If budget is not a problem, then why not go all out with an espresso machine? Italy has some amazing coffee making brands that you can buy online and will be delivered straight to you.

Gaggia has been a staple in many an Italian households for years and makes machines that good and stylish but you can find more good Italian coffee machines here

Gifts for Italian Food lovers

There are so many gift ideas for foodies I ended up making a full list here!

Among the many, great one are:

A hamper of delicious Italian foods

A gift basket filled with Italian food goodies is likely to go down a treat with any Italy lover.

You can choose among ready made ones like this one, or you can handpick foods according to their specific taste.

Many of the foods in this list can be gifted on their own or as part of an Italian food hamper: if you have the time to assemble it yourself, this will make a wonderfully personalized gift!

A luscious box of Italian Biscotti

A lovely gift for an Italian food lover with a sweet tooth: a box of Matilde Vincenzi biscotti! Perfect with coffee, tea or a sweet bite any time of day.

I love this one, with the Rome-themed tin box, also a nice keepsake once the biscuits are gone.

An irresistible box of Baci Perugina

A food gift with a romantic twist!

Italian chocolate lovers will love a box of ‘kisses’ (this is what ‘baci’ means in Italian): nutty and chocolatey, each of them comes with a message with a quote or love poem folder on signature paper – an Italian classic.

Spreadable Gianduja or luscious Gianduiotti

Gianduia is a delightful chocolatey creation from Piedmont served as spreadable cream or in the shape of bite sized chocolates called ‘gianduiotti‘.

Made with chocolate and hazelnuts, it is rather sweet and absolutely addictive: it is one of the most indulgent Italian chocolate creations and a wonderful gift for lovers of artisan chocolate.

Gianduiotti were the first chocolate bite made in Italy and are still now one of the most famous and beloved Italian chocolate creations

A box of Ferrero Rocher

Ferrero Rocher are less luxurious than gianduiotti but also way better known so if you have a friend who loves them, why not indulge them?

They are pretty common in Italian homes at Christmas so this, plus their delicious taste, make them the perfect seasonal gift.

Pistacchio spread from Sicily

Pistacchio may not be to everyone’s taste but pistacchio spread from Bronte is special! Surprisingly delicate, this is a perfect gift idea for an Italian food lover who is missing or dreaming of Sicily.

Dried specialty pasta

If you are building a personalized Italy good gourmet gift basket, then you may want to add some specialty pasta, such as these pici, the traditional pasta of Siena (they are amazing with Tuscan style ragout!)

A bottle of real Balsamic Vinegar from Modena

Balsamic Vinegar has many fans and it is a gift that will last a long time and accompany many creations from cheese platters to salads.

Limoncello or an Italian digestif

Delicious and long lasting (unless you drink it all straight away!) limoncello is a lovely gifts that will make everyone happy with its bright color and sweet taste. Perfect for after dinner cheer.

Top tip! Why not opt for a gift set with cute limoncello cups too? These ones are lovely and bring the memory right back to the Amalfi Coast!

If you prefer a different type of taste, you can also tap into the wonderful world of Italian digestifs or aperitivo drinks: Grappa, Sambuca, Campari – no matter the personal preferences, these all make a great addition to anyone’s Italian home bar!

Italy experiences on location or from home

Help your friend learn Italian with a language kit

You can pick between a vast selection of books, workbooks and CDS, perfect for all language learning styles. Check here good options for all levels.

Let them feel in Italy with a virtual experience

Many of us had plans of trips to Italy crushed by 2020 events but we can still get a little taste of what our trip would have been like with virtual experiences.

Cooking classes and virtual tours can be a fun way to get Italy at home and some make a lovely gift too.

Have a look at:

I hope you enjoyed this quick list of gift ideas for Italy lovers and it helped you find inspiration for a good Christmas present!

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