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Delicious gifts for Italian food lovers you can get online right now

Gifts for Italian food lovers: delicious gift ideas for people who love Italian food, to bring the taste of Italy to any table!

Italian food has many fans all over the world but gifting a real Italian meal in Italy, complete with plane ticket may not be the most feasible of all gift ideas!

However, you don’t need to be in Italy to find the perfect gift for Italian food lovers.

The web has lovely Italian foods that you can order from home and that will make your Italy-obsessed-foodie happy.

This is my list of delicious gift ideas for Italian food lovers!

Food gifts for Italian food lovers

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A hamper of delicious Italian foods

A gift basket filled with Italian food goodies is likely to go down a treat with any Italy lover.

You can choose among ready made ones like this one, or you can handpick foods according to their specific taste.

Many of the foods in this list can be gifted on their own or as part of an Italian food hamper: if you have the time to assemble it yourself, this will make a wonderfully personalized gift!

A luscious box of Italian Biscotti

A lovely gift for an Italian food lover with a sweet tooth: a box of Matilde Vincenzi biscotti! Perfect with coffee, tea or a sweet bite any time of day.

I love this one, with the Rome-themed tin box, also a nice keepsake once the biscuits are gone.

An irresistible box of Baci Perugina

A food gift with a romantic twist!

Italian chocolate lovers will love a box of ‘kisses’ (this is what ‘baci’ means in Italian): nutty and chocolatey, each of them comes with a message with a quote or love poem folder on signature paper – an Italian classic.

Spreadable Gianduja or luscious Gianduiotti

Gianduia is a delightful chocolatey creation from Piedmont served as spreadable cream or in the shape of bite sized chocolates called ‘gianduiotti‘.

Made with chocolate and hazelnuts, it is rather sweet and absolutely addictive: it is one of the most indulgent Italian chocolate creations and a wonderful gift for lovers of artisan chocolate.

Gianduiotti were the first chocolate bite made in Italy and are still now one of the most famous and beloved Italian chocolate creations

A box of Ferrero Rocher

Ferrero Rocher are less luxurious than gianduiotti but also way better known so if you have a friend who loves them, why not indulge them?

They are pretty common in Italian homes at Christmas so this, plus their delicious taste, make them the perfect seasonal gift.

Pistacchio spread from Sicily

Pistacchio may not be to everyone’s taste but pistacchio spread from Bronte is special! Surprisingly delicate, this is a perfect gift idea for an Italian food lover who is missing or dreaming of Sicily.

Dried specialty pasta

If you are building a personalized Italy good gourmet gift basket, then you may want to add some specialty pasta, such as these pici, the traditional pasta of Siena (they are amazing with Tuscan style ragout!)

A bottle of real Balsamic Vinegar from Modena

Balsamic Vinegar has many fans and it is a gift that will last a long time and accompany many creations from cheese platters to salads.

Drink gifts for Italian food lovers

Italian food goes down even better with drinks! Some worth gifting are

Italian limoncello

Delicious and long lasting (unless you drink it all straight away!) limoncello is a lovely gifts that will make everyone happy with its bright color and sweet taste. Perfect for after dinner cheer.

Top tip! Why not opt for a gift set with cute limoncello cups too? These ones are lovely and bring the memory right back to the Amalfi Coast!

Italian coffee

Buying for a coffee lover? Then why not help them stock up gifting them coffee from one of the best Italian coffee brands! Illy, Lavazza and Vergnano are all avaiable online

Gifts ideas for Italian food lovers who cook

If you are buying for a home cook, then you can also treat them to some Italian kitchen staples that will help them elevate their creations!

A fun one could be a pasta making kit: pasta making machine + pasta drier + how to make pasta from scratch cookbook.

Make sure they invite you over when they put their skills to the test!

Looking for even more ideas? Check out our gift guide for Italy lovers, full of Italy-themed gifts!

I hope you enjoyed these gift ideas for Italian food lovers and helped you find the perfect present for the Italian foodie in your life!

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