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Italy in December: all you need to know to plan the perfect trip (2022 update)

Italy in December: all you need to know to plan the perfect trip. What to expect from the weather, crowds, what to book in advance and the best places to visit in December Italy

A December trip to Italy can be a wonderful way to spend the holiday season.

Traveling to Italy at this time, you should expect cold weather, the occasional rainy day and even snow in part of Italy however, you will also find beautiful Christmas traditions, great opportunities for sightseeing and plenty of chances to warm up in cozy interiors with delicious food and wine.

December in Italy however looks very different depending on where you go. This is my guide to visiting Italy in December and my best tips for Christmas in Italy.

In this article you will find:

  • December in Italy weather overview
  • Festivities and celebrations in Italy in December you need to know about
  • The best places to visit in Italy in December
  • Italy in December with kids
  • What to book in advance for December in Italy

Please notethis is a seasonal travel guide about Italy in November, meant to help you decide the best time of the year for your visit. For official information and travel advisory that may affect your trip, please refer to your Government travel advisory. Check here for official info if traveling from USCanadaUKIrelandAustraliaNew Zealand.

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December in Italy: weather overview

December is winter in Italy.

Despite differences in regions and area, traveling to Italy in December you should expect cold weather (this is warm coats, scarves and gloves time in Italy), rather short daylight hours and the occasional rainy day.

In several parts of the country and at higher altitudes, snow is also possible.

T give you an idea of the average temperatures, this is a historical overview of localities in different parts of Italy:

  • Milan: Max 7C Min 2C Rain: 5 days
  • Bolzano (Dolomites): Max 7C Min -3C (snow possible)
  • Rome: Max 13C Min 4C Rain: 8 days
  • Palermo: Max 16C Min 11C Rain: 9 days

December in Italy: important celebrations and festivities

Several important festivities happen during this month in Italy and they will impact your plans both in terms of closures of museums and attractions, crowds and transport.

The main festivities in Italy in December are:

  • 8 December: immaculate conception, National Holiday
  • 24 December: Christmas Eve. While not a National Holiday, shops close early to allow people to get ready for the traditional Italian Christmas Eve dinner
  • 25 December: Christmas Day, National Holiday, many attractions and restaurants close, pre-booking of a meal out essential
  • 26 December, St Stephen’s Day, some attractions stay closed on this day
  • 31 December, New Years’ Eve: not a National Holiday but a day that impacts on dinners out. Restaurants tend to close for the night or offer special new Year’s Eve packages: booking highly recommended.

The best places to visit in Italy in December

Our favorite places to visit in Italy at Christmas are:

Bolzano, Merano and their Christmas markets

If you love Christmas markets, then the best places to experience them are the towns of Merano, Bolzano and, more in general, the cities on the slopes of the Dolomites.

This part of Italy has a strong Germanic influence and is the one with the best and most authentic Christmas markets.

Wrap up well as this area is pretty cold at this time!

Find my selection of the best Christmas markets in Italy here

Italy in December: Christmas market in Bolzano

Venice in December

Venice is cold and grey in December but it is also charming, romantic and atmospheric.

In this season, you can enjoy all of Venice’s beautiful museums, you can make the most of the cozy atmosphere of Venice’s bacari (wine bars) and you can still enjoy the lagoon, taking trips to the islands of Burano and Murano.

Your main issue in Venice in December is humidity: make sure you plan indoor activities to regularly take a break from the weather.

You can find here >>> my guide to Venice in winter.

Milan in December

If you are looking for shopping opportunities and elegant atmospheres, then Milan at Christmas is the place for you!

The festive decorations in Piazza Duomo and Galleria and the stunning windows at Quadrilatero della Moda are a treat for the eye and a fantastic place to get a special present for someone you love (or, why not, yourself!).

You can find our travel guide to Milan here.

Manarola (Cinque Terre)

December is not a great time to visit Cinque Terre as the weather makes hard the main activities the area is known for: hiking and swimming.

However, Manarola at Christmas is special as it lights up to be a living nativity scene!

The living crib lights up on the 8th of December. You can find our guide to visiting Cinque Terre with kids here.

Rome and the Vatican in December

It is hard to beat the impression Rome in December leaves on the visitor.

When the Colosseum and the Vatican don their Christmas trees, they are even more magical and considering how beautiful they are in normal times, you can imagine how special they truly are at this time!

Rome is cold in December however, don’t expect it to be a quiet time. The weekend close to the 8th of December and the full Christmas week are high tourism season and pre-booking of accommodation and attractions is mandatory.

You can find my full guide to Rome in December here


Naples is one of the cities in Italy if not THE city with the strongest Christmas tradition, especially when it comes to Nativity Scenes and figurines.

The city is famous for them and there is no better time to experience what this tradition is all about than going during the holidays.

The place to go for figurines is Via Gregorio Armeno but do take the opportunity to also visit all the other marvels this city has to offer and do indulge in the local food.

In Naples in December you simply cannot miss struffoli, roccocò, and mostaccioli as well as, of course, Naples’ all seasons staple: pizza!

Amalfi Coast in December: what to expect

The Amalfi Coast is beautiful no matter the time of the year and December is no exception.

However, it is important to know that it is low season at this time and visiting the Amalfi Coast in December will be more about sipping coffee watching the sea than going anywhere near it.

If you don’t mind or even like the atmosphere of the coast in winter, this can be a good time to visit.

You can expect lovely food as always and, overall, lower prices, crowds and traffic and you may be lucky with the weather and get lovely sunny days too!

You can find our travel guide to the Amalfi Coast here: Amalfi Coast towns | Amalfi town | Guide to Maiori | Guide to Minori | How to visit the Amalfi Coast with kids | Capri with kids

Florence and Tuscany in December

It is always a good time to visit Florence and Tuscany and December is no exception.

At this time, you won’t be able to enjoy much of the Tuscan countryside (it is not al fresco dining time) however, you can visit all the beautiful small towns of Tuscany, admire their holiday decorations and of course make the most of Florence museums and shopping opportunities.

Many Tuscany towns light up at Christmas with wonderful small markets and nativity scenes: Siena, Lucca and Montepulciano are among the best known.

Southern Italy in December

Southern Italy can be a real treat in December.

The weather tends to be milder here than in other parts of the country (with exceptions, don’t expect it to be beach weather!) and the small towns of this part of Italy dress up becoming picture perfect holiday landscapes.

Places I love at this time are:

December in Italy with kids

December can be a special time for kids in Italy however, very little ones may find the bad weather frustrating.

In December, you will still be able to have time in the park on dry days but they will be limited in their outdoor pursuits by the frequent rain and the short hours of daylight.

Good places to visit in Italy with kids in December are:

The Dolomites – with the lovely Christmas markets and the ski slopes, many suitable for families and newbie skiers. You can find our guide to the best places in the Dolomites with kids here.

Florence – full of lovely child-friendly museums perfect to escape the rain, should it strike. You can find our guide to visiting Florence with kids here.

Rome – and its large piazzas, stunning Christmas trees, parks and child-friendly museums. You can find our guide to Rome with kids here.

What to book in advance to visit Italy in December

December is busy in Italy, especially around the 8th of December and during Christmas week.

It is paramount to book in advance:

My go-to website for booking are:

GetYourGuide, excellent ticket provider for attractions and tours, with very flexible cancellation options (many up to 24hour before the tour) for both hotels and apartments for train travel (it is the official railway system site and has the best prices, despite a rather annoying interface)

If you are planning to visit Italy in December, make sure you also familiarize yourself first with the most common Italian Christmas traditions and Italy Christmas foods.

I hope you enjoyed this quick overview of Italy in December and gave you good ideas for your trip. Safe travel planning!

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