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Where to buy baby products in Italy: a practical guide

Where to buy baby products in Italy: learn where to source baby and toddler essentials while traveling in Italy with your family so you can pack light and have all you need.

One of the biggest worries for parents planning to visit Italy with a baby or toddler is finding baby essentials at your destination.

Being able to source diapers, food and medications locally is essential for a good family trip and while you know you will find baby gear in Italy, if you have never been you may wonder where to buy it, what brands you will find and what t to expect when it comes to baby supplies.

In this guide, I try to answer all this and more.

I am an Italian mama: I have two children and I have bought more baby gear and toddler essentials than I can even remember! These tips are all based on my personal knowledge and experience.

In this guide about buying baby essentials in Italy we look at:

  • Where to buy diapers in Italy, including brands and swimming diapers
  • Where to buy formula in Italy
  • Where to buy weaning products in Italy
  • Where to buy toddlers’ snacks in Italy
  • Where to buy dummies, teethers, and bay toiletries in Italy
  • Where to buy baby medications
  • where to buy breastfeeding essentials
  • Where to get (buy or rent) a baby car seat
  • Where to get (buy or rent) a stroller/pushchair
  • Baby shops and baby stores in Italy

Where to buy baby essentials in Italy at a glance

In general, you can buy baby essentials in the following shops:

Supermarkets – big distribution brands for items such as diapers, weaning products, baby toiletries, occasionally dummies etc.

Supermarkets are easy to find in all towns but they vary in size: some are very big and very well stocked, while others only have a limited selection.

You can find here >>> my guide to Italian supermarkets and what to expect

Pharmacies – baby medications, including prescription, formula, specialized brands, baby medications, diapers, baby toiletries, baby wipes, and breastfeeding essentials.

Pharmacies are easy to find n all towns and they are excellent for high-quality items, including some natural remedies.

They are more expensive than supermarkets and for basic items such as diapers, they often have only a limited selection.

They are, however the only place where you can find baby medications.

You can find here >>> my guide to pharmacies in Italy and what you can get there

Baby stores – for bigger items such as car seats, strollers, baby carriers, sleeping machines and all the bigger purchases you may need, for instance, if you are staying in Italy for a long time and not on vacation, you may need a baby store.

Well-known baby stores in Italy, with several stores all over the country, are:

  • Chicco
  • Prenatal
  • Io Bimbo
  • Bimbo Store
  • Iper Bimbo

Need to know: often, in city centers, you only find small stores, the biggest baby stores being in larger shopping centers and retail parks. Before heading out of your way, I highly recommend you check online if the shops carry what you need, if they have a click-and-collect option or if they can deliver. This will ensure you don’t take the trip there for nothing. All the stores above have online shopping options.

Where to buy diapers in Italy

Diapers in Italy are sold in supermarkets, minimarkets, pharmacies, and some grocery stores (occasionally, they have a small household section with essentials).

Diaper brands you can commonly find in Italy include:

  • Pampers – serval types such as: Pampers Baby Dry, Pampers Sole e Luna, Pampers Progressi
  • Huggies – serval types such as Huggies extra care, Huggies extra comfort, Ultra comfort mutandina, swimmers
  • Supermarets own brand: Lupilu (Lidl), Carrefour, Coop, Conad, etc
shelf with diapers in Italian supermarkets

Diapers in Italy come in sizes from 0 (newborn) and up to about 30 Kilograms (66.1387 lb).

Please note: exact sizing depends on the specific brand and model – always check the sizing chart on the back of the packet.

Usually, in the same shop section as diapers you will also find baby wipes, diaper rash cream, baby powder and disposable diaper bags.

Italian words that may be useful when buying baby diapers in Italy:

  • Diaper / nappy = Pannolino
  • Pull up nappy = Pannolino mutandina / mutandino / mutandini
  • Swimming nappies = pannolini piscina / pannolini nuoto / swimmers (see in the photo above, top left, the swimming diapers with ‘swimmers’ written on. This photo is from a small, local supermarket in Rome.

On top of these commonly found diapers brands in Italy, you can also buy additional brands on these include Eco by Naty diapers, which are plastic free.

Where to buy baby formula in Italy

In Italy, you can buy baby formula in supermarkets and pharmacies.

Common types of baby formula you can find in Italy include (in alphabetical order):

  • Aptamil
  • Hipp
  • Humana
  • Mellin
  • Nestle Nidina
  • Plasmon

Good to know: for specialized formula such as milk-free ones, pharmacies are usually the best place to buy.

I would highly recommend, however, that you research in advance if they carry the brand you need or check if you can buy it online and fer it delivered to your accommodation, should you not find the same composition readily available in Italy.

In Italian, baby formula is called latte artificiale or also latte in polvere per neonati.

Where to buy baby weaning products in Italy

Weaning products in Italy are available in supermarkets and pharmacies.

They include purees, usually in glass jars, and powdered food. Compared with abroads, I have noticed glass jars are more common than baby pouches; however, I have found also baby pouches with fruit purees for babies.

Common weaning product brands you will find in Italy are:

  • Alce Nero
  • Hero
  • Hipp
  • Umana
  • Mellin
  • Nipiol
  • Plasmon

Useful Italian words when buying weaning products for babies and toddlers in Italy:

Baby puree = omogeneizzato

Organic: biologioco / bio

Manzo = beef

Turkey = tacchino

In the same supermarket section as baby purees, you also find baby pasta, baby porridge, formula, etc.

Where to buy toddler’s snacks in Italy

Before I tell you where to find toddler snacks in Italy, I want to address a misconception: the idea that Italians do not snack and that therefore you will nor find toddler snacks in Italy.

This is nonsense!

Italians have a different approach to snacking than other cultures but the idea that we can go through toddlerhood without food in between main meals makes no sense.

We do, however, tend to reach our for foods that may not be what you are used to, which is where this misconception may come from.

The types of baby and toddler snacks you find in Italy are:

  • Rice cakes and galettes
  • Fruit
  • Fruit pouches
  • Yogurt
  • Pizza (the one you buy at the bakery, not the round one you get for dinner)
  • Bread with jam
  • Ciambellone
  • Baby biscuits (plasmon, gentilini etc)
  • Formaggini (soft cheese)

Good to know: one of the most common places to get something for toddlers to munch on, is the deli counter at the supermarkets. They usually have a large selection of bread, focaccia, mini pizzas and other baked products that are made fresh and ok for toddlers.

Where to buy breastfeeding essentials in Italy

In Italy, you buy breastfeeding essentials in pharmacies and baby stores.

Pharmacies normally carry pads and creams you may need and can usually source breast pumps if you place an order for them as well as breastmilk freezing bags etc.

However, some pharmacies are better equipped than others with baby gear and you may have better luck in baby stores, where you will also find bottles, containers, replacement parts, muslin cloths etc.

Where to buy baby clothes in Italy

Baby clothes ar readily available in separate stores, high street stores and baby boutiques.

Some baby stores you find in several locations are:

  • OVS – department stores with clothes including baby clothes (line fagottino = small bundle), inexpensive
  • Upim – department stores with clothes including baby clothes, inexpensive
  • Original Marines
  • Zara Kids –
  • H&M Kids
  • Du Pareil Au meme
  • Chicco
  • Prenatal

You can also find many baby boutiques and independent shops. For everyday essentials, I find OVS to be the best price-wise (the quality is good for wah you pay too).

Where to get car seats in Italy

If you need to source a baby car seat while in Italy, you can:

Buy a car seat in a children’s store – if you use google maps, you can search for a Chicco Store or Prenatal near you

Rent a car seat – if you do not need to buy one, you can try to rent one locally. A good company that covers several locations in Italy is called Babonbo.

In Italian Baby car seat is ovetto (baby seat but lit little egg) or the general category is called seggiolino auto. You may also see the term navicella, which is specific for the newborn baby seat that lies flat.

You can find here >>> all you need to know about using car seats in Italy

Where to get a stroller in Italy

If you need to source a stroller, pram or pushchair while in Italy, you can:

Buy a car seat in a children’s store – if you use google maps, you can search for a Chicco Store or Prenatal near you

Rent a car seat – if you do not need to buy one, you can try to rent one ocally. A good company that covers several locations in Italy is called Babonbo.

Pushchair / buggy / Stroller in Italian is passeggino

Baby pram in Italian is carrozzina.

A baby travel system in Italian is called trio.

Stroller brands you will find in Italy include:

Baby Jogger, Bob Brevi, Bugaboo, Cam, Chicco, Cybex, Foppapedretti, Graco, Inglesina, Joie, Momon, Peg-Perego, Gb, Maclaren, Quinny

Where to buy a baby carrier in Italy

You can buy baby carrier in baby stores.

Baby carrier brands you can find in Italy include: BabyBjörn, Ergobaby (these two are those we used), Manduca, Chicco.

mom with baby in carrier in home kitchen

Buying larger baby products in Italy – Baby shops and baby stores in Italy

In Italy, you will find large baby stores (chains), independent stores and the baby department of some larger supermarkets.

Baby stores are a one-stop shop for all things mom and baby and the places with the widest selection of baby products in Italy.

Names you may find are below.

Click on the links to the official websites and then on ‘trova negozio’ (store locator) to find the nearest to you.




Bimbo Store


I hope you found this overview of where to buy baby products in Italy useful and that it helps you set your mind at ease. Safe travels!

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