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Easy Campari Spritz recipe: the delicious Italian cocktail you’ll love

Easy Campari Spritz Recipe for the perfect Italian aperitivo at home.

Campari is one of the biggest names when it comes to Italian cocktails and and spritz is the King of Italian aperitivo, so what better combination than making a Campari spritz?

The recipes is easy to make, delicious and ready in seconds and requires no complicated cocktails gear nor cocktail making skills.

This is all you need to make a Campari spritz!

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Campari Spritz Ingredients and gear

  • Campari 2 parts
  • Prosecco 3 parts
  • Soda water 1 part
  • Ice cubes
  • Slice of orange as garnish
  • Wine glass: spritz is usually served in a wine glass with a tall stem but you can also serve it in an old fashioned glass

How to make Campari Spritz Cocktail

In a stemmed wine glass, our in sequence:

3 parts of prosecco, chilled

2 parts of Campari

1 part of soda water, or just a splash, to taste

Mix well with a stirrer, so that your Campari spritz gets an even, red color

Decorate the glass with a thin slice of orange on the rim.

This cocktails is perfect for: aperitivo, festive drinks, Christmas dinner pre-meal drink

campari spritz recipe cover image

Campari Spritz Cocktail Recipe

Yield: 1
Prep Time: 1 minute
Additional Time: 30 minutes
Total Time: 31 minutes

A delightfully refreshing cocktail perfect for all occasion. The chilled prosecco makes this Campari cocktail perfect for warm nights and the red of the Campari makes is wonderful as a festive drinks. Wheter you are reading this recipe over Christmas or in the summer, this cocktail is the perfect one to create an easy and delicious drink for friends!


  • Campari 2 parts
  • Italian prosecco, chilled, 3 parts
  • Soda water, a dash
  • Ice


In a wine glass with ice cubes, pour in sequence the chilled prosecco, the campari and the soda water. Mix well with a stirrer to obtain a cheerful, consisent red color. Add orange rim to the glass rim for decoration (optional)


Do not prepare thei cocktails in advance, serve is as needed so the prosecco stays chilled. Best served pre-dinner with Italian snacks on the side

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Glass of Campari spritz with text: delicious and easy to make recipes for Campari spritz, one of Italy's most beloved aperitivo cocktails
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