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Alpe di Nemes hike with kids: all you need to know about this stunning hike in Val Pusteria

Alpe di Nemes hike with kids. All you need to know to hike to Alpe di Nemes with kids: starting point, what to expect on the trail, what to pack, while we love it.

Alpe di Nemes (Nemesalm) is a wonderful mountain hut and restaurant with stunning views over the Dolomites of Sesto, in Val Pusteria.

The view from Alpe di Nemes mountain hut
The view from Alpe di Nemes mountain hut

It is one of the most scenic huts you can reach in the area without tackling strenuous hikes and it is a delightful destination for kids and adults alike.

It is one of our favorite family hikes on the Dolomites and we take it every time we are here. We walked it again yesterday, so today, we are here to share all about it.

I hope this overview of the Alpe di Nemes hike with kids will encourage you to visit this area with little ones: I believe it is one of the best places on the Dolomites for kids and I am sure once you come, you will fall in love with it too!

Alpe di Nemes hike with kids: starting point

The starting point to this hike is Passo di Monte Croce Comelico (Kreutzberg Pass).

The pass is between the Alto Adige and Veneto regions and it is easy to reach by car or bus.

Parking is available at the pass and the bus stop is also in the same location.

If you can, I highly recommend you get the bus: the service is clean and reliable, it brings your right to the start of the trail and it is a great way to keep cars off the roads and limit congestion. Kids under 6 go free.

You can find the timetable to the local bus here.

Passo di Monte Croce Comelico, Kreutzberg Pass

Hiking to Alpe di Nemes with kids: the trail

The hike up to Alpe di Nemes takes about 1h10 mins.

This is the duration indicated on the signals at the start of the trail and we found it was true to our pace, which is that of reasonably fit city dwellers (but very much not die-hard fitness fans or hikers!).

If you are not used to hiking, you are pushing a stroller or you are hiking with toddlers, then I would factor in about 2hours.

My son on the trail to Alpe di Nemes
My son on the trail to Alpe di Nemes

This I believe is a reasonable time for you to catch you breath and for you and the children to take your time on the trail and admire the many plants in this area: the hike is marked as ‘biotope’ and the opportunities to observe local plants and animals abound!

The trail is large and has two different types of terrain: part of it is white road and part is boardwalk.

My daughter walking on the boardwalk on the Alpe di Nemes Hike, with mountains in the backgrund
My daughter walking on the boardwalk on the Alpe di Nemes Hike

Both parts are stroller friendly however, the path gains elevation so pushing a stroller here takes time and effort! While you will have no problems in terms of terrains, I believe a carrier would probably be a more pleasant option.

Top tip! if you have slightly older kids who like a more adventurous path, there are several shortcuts you can take across the forest. They are well-trodded paths that allow you to cut out some of the turns of the road. They are easy, steeper than the road and fun: just make sure you don’t stray off them as nature here is fragile – always stay on the path.

Things to do for kids along the trail to Alpe di Nemes

The trail to Alpe di Nemes is a beautiful mountain trail and a fantastic place for kids to engage with nature at its best.

Unlike other trails in the area such as the Olperl Trail, which are specific for children, this is a real hike and the learning opportunities come from the observation of nature: no special stations, games or entertainment as such is here, but the things to do abound!

Cows on the hiking trail to Alpe di Nemes
Cows on the hiking trail to Alpe di Nemes

The area is rich in different types of soils, plants and animals and along the trails you can spot many native flowers, squirrels, cows, the peculiar environment of the bog and many huts in the distance: some are in Austria (the mountain crest here runs along the Italy-Austria border), a thing that filled my kids with wonder!

The last part of the trail is on boardwalk and has some info panels about the local plants: this is the only part of the trail with a structured educational element and it is cool for adults too, since the plants you see here are pretty unique to the Alpine environment.

Lunch at Alpe di Nemes with kids

Once you reach the mountain hut Alpe di Nemes, you can treat yourself to a fabulous lunch.

The ‘Alpe’ serves food both indoors and outdoors and has a nice selection of local specialties. You can have a cold platter Tyrolean style, you can have hot food and the children can choose from the the main menu or the children’s menu, which has simple plates such as pasta and fried chicken.

The restaurant also serves amazing cakes and the best ricotta and cream you can ever taste: they make them from the milk of their own cows that roam free on these amazing lawns and they taste amazing.

Tyrolean board with cold cuts and cheese with mountains in the background
Tyrolean board with cold cuts and cheese with mountains in the background

Please note: at the time of writing, no credit or debit card were accepted by the restaurant. Bring cash!

What there is to do at Alpe di Nemes for kids

As for the trail that leads here, the things kids can do at Alpe di Nemes are those offered by the mountains!

As well as enjoying the meal, kids here can play in the mountain stream, see the cows, get fresh water from the local fountains, seek out pine cones, play spot-the-flower, and go wild on the amazing lawns in the area.

No structure play opportunities as such which, in this natural location, is simply perfect!

What to pack for a day hike to Alpe di Nemes with kids (summer)

On a summer day, I recommend you pack for this hike:

Kids hiking boots – while the terrain doesn’t require special shoes, they will come in handy on the last part of the trail (steep) and to play in and around the stream.

Drinking water – there is no water on the trail, only a free fountain on arrival

Sun hat – for the part of the trail out of the woods

Rain jacket / windbreaker if, like us, you tackle this trail in less than perfect weather conditions

A first aid kit – just in case!

Kids binoculars, for the main birds you can spot in this area and for spying towards Austria!

We take this trail every time we come to this area with the kids and we love it every time more. I hope you enjoy it too and you will agree this Alpe di Nemes hike is simply the perfect family excursions for a day on the Dolomites!

Foot of adult and child wearing hiking boots with the Dolomites in the background
Our hiking boots on the Dolomites!

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