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The Path of Lemons: all you need to know about this scenic Amalfi Coast hike

Discover the stunning beauty of the Amalfi Coast walking along the family-friendly Path of Lemons, a scenic walk between luscious lemon groves and stunning sea views.

Stunning sea views, limoncello and hiking trails are some of the main things the Amalfi Coast is famous for and there is one place where you can experience all three of them together: the path of lemons!

The path of lemons is a scenic, historical walking trail that connects the town of Maiori and Minori, and it is a special place.

Here, between the cliffs and the sea, you walk along the footsteps of ancient lemon growers and pass luscious lemon groves and agricultural terraces plunging into the blue Mediterranean below. 400+ steps await those who want to experience it however, if you can take those, the path poses no difficulties nor sheer drops and is a wonderful walk also for non-hikers and even kids.

We walked this path with our children last summer and it stayed as one of the highlights of our trip. This is all you need to know about it.

What is the path of lemons? Where is it?

The Path of Lemons is a scenic trail connecting the towns of Minori and Maiori, on the Amalfi Coast. It is a trail that passes among the lemon groves that produce the famous lemons of this area and it used to be walked by the lemon growers to carry the lemons from the trees to the harbor for trade.

The path is still in use nowadays and can also be walked by visitors, who love it because of the incredible views of the Amalfi Costiera you get from here.

Walking the path between Minori and Maiori takes about 1 hour.

How accessible is the path of lemons?

The path of lemons counts a total of over 400 steps, at the beginning and the end of the trail and in some stretches in the middle of it and it is, therefore, non-accessible to anyone with mobility issues or knee problems. The path is not suitable for wheelchairs or baby strollers.

Path of lemon steps and road marking stating 333th step

How difficult is the path of lemons?

In terms of hiking difficulty, the path of lemon is very easy and you can think of it as walk, more than a hike.

The biggest problem you have on the path of lemons are the steps. These are numerous and unavoidable (there are no ramps or alternative paths) however, there are also very long stretches of almost flat terrain and some places to stop and catch your breath should you need to.

To walk it, you do not need special footwear and there are no exposed sheer drops that can make it problematic for people wirh a fear of heights. You do however are uneven terrain and you will find some viewpoints with low walls so it is advisable to wear runners / walking shoes and be mindful with kids.

flat stretch of the path of lemons with pretty streetlamp

Can I walk the path of lemons with kids?

Yes! The path of lemons is not accessible to strollers or pushchairs but it can easily be walked with kids in tow. Toddlers will find the steps excessive, so be prepared to carry them (ideally in a hiking carrier) and they will be able to walk independently on the other parts of the trail.

Age school kids will have no difficulty on this path, we took it with our two and they zoomed up with no concerns. If you are concerned your kids may not like hiking, we have some tips for getting started with family hiking here.

How to find the path of lemons and path description

We walked the path of lemons starting in Minori: from the town port, you walk inland and quickly find its entrance. Pretty tiles indicate the path and the steep steps up the cliffs are unmissable!

The steps here are pretty daunting as they climb up pretty rapidly however, don’t get discouraged: this is the steepest part and the views from the top will be worth it!

steps at the start of the lemons trail on Amalfi Coast with pink bougainvillea on the left

This first part of the trail leads you to the village of Torre which is a delight. As you arrive, you see a tiny piazza with houses with balconies, a pretty church, a central drinking fountain and, to your right, stunning views of the sea! You can sit here and catch your breath under the lovely tree overlooking the fountain, then you are ready to go again.

The second stretch of the path of lemons is the one where you see the lemon groves best. They develop on your two sides and sometimes they cover the view of the sea, only revealing blue fragments among their dark green leaves and other times they occupy degrading terraces, leaving an uninterrupted view all the way down to the shore.

lemon grove overlooking the sea

This part of the path is flat and easy and very pretty. Here, make sure you stop and take in a weird and wonderful sight; a nativity scene up all year round, in a semi hidden hole in the rock!

As you get close to Maiori, the scenery changes again: trees start to make your appearance, more houses and qicly you find yourslef walking entering the town from the most scenic angle possible: the path leads you to walk beside the tiled dome of the local church, which you find tight ar tour high level, since you come from above the town!

Arrival in Maiori with tiled dome of church on the left and blooming pink florwes on the right

The path finally descends into the town and the first thing you will see will be a welcoming site: a cage serving iced lemon granita, the perfect reward to your lemon walk!

From here, the Maiori sea promenade and port are only a couple of minutes away and you can get the ferry to head back to your starting point.

What to take with you when walking the Path of Lemons

While you don’t need hiking shoes for this stretch of path, walking shoes or sandals are recommended. If coming in summer, make sure you have plenty of water and you also cover your head from the sun, which is relentless on most of the path.

You can find our full packing list for the Amalfi Coast here.

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