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The best children’s playgrounds in Cinque Terre: our top picks

Our selection of the three best playgrounds in Cinque Terre, with photos: tried and tested by our own kids!

If you are planning a trip to Cinque Terre with kids, there is one piece of travel advice you need: a list of the best playgrounds in the area!

I have always been an advocate of visiting Cinque Terre with kids: I love this area and I find the trails, the sea and the many means of transport always great to keep the kids active and entertained.

However, until a few years ago, the area was a little lacking in children’s playgrounds.

There were some, but they were nothing to get particularly excited about. This year, things changed!

To our great delight, we found three fantastic playgrounds in two of the five Cinque Terre towns and we also identified one more fantastic play area in Levanto.

The playgrounds are new (one just inaugurated in the summer 2022), convenient to visit while sightseeing and my kids loved them.

This is our guide to help you find them and know what to expect.

Manarola Playground: the very best playground in Cinque Terre!

If we were to pick one play area as the best playground in Cinque Terre, we would choose the playground in Manarola.

This kids’ play area opened in June 2022 and it is absolutely fabulous!

The playground is perched at the top of the short walk up to Nessun Dorma restaurant and the Manarola lookout and it has several play frames over a soft, rain-draining flooring.

Here, kids can find swings (one caged, for toddlers, and one standard), a small climbing frame with a slide and rope bridge, spring toys and a see-saw.

Swings, slide and spring toy in Manarola playground

The play area suits small kids best as the frames and swings are on the smaller side.

However, my 9 and 11-year old made good use of it as it offers a lovely space and a welcome diversion from all the town hopping and eating we had done in the area.

You can see my daughter having a go at the swing in the play area on a rainy day!

For parents, a large tree offers shade and there are a couple of seating benches.

However, the best thing about this playground is the stunning views.

From the park area, you see Manarola’s colorful houses on one side and the rugged Ligurian coast on the other, all without having to leave the children unattended.

A fantastic family spot!

Playground  in Manarola with toys in the foreground and Manarola's colorful houses in the background

The get to the playgrounds, you need to follow the road that meanders up from the harbor to the lookout.

This road is not difficult or dangerous; however, it is steep and it would be challenging with a stroller, so I highly recommend you come here with a carrier, if visiting with a baby or small toddler.

As you get closer to the playground, the lookout opens onto a steep drop so you will have to hold hands if traveling with little kids.

The playground itself however is rather protected so while you will need your usually attention while they play, it is a fantastic safe place for a play break.

This near playground added a much-needed space for kids to play safely in Manarola, a town otherwise bettwe known for winding streets and scenic cliffs than to welcome little ones.

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Playground in Monterosso Old Town

Another wonderful playground in Cinque Terre is the colorful play area in Monterosso old town.

The playground is right in the main town square: it is gated so that it offers a safe and enclosed space for kids to play, but it is surrounded by cafes and restaurants, which make it pleasant for parents too, who don’t have to trade time at the park with an enjoyable break.

The playground is new and colorful.

Kids here have soft flooring, slides, swing, climbing frames and hiding spots.

Since Monterosso is the most family friendly town in Cinque Terre, with its flat promenade and beach, this is also a great spot to meet other children.

Playgrond in Monterosso old town with swings, climbing frame and the town old tower in the background

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Play area in Monterosso new town

Monterosso develops on the two sides of a promontory and the two parts of town are usually referred to as the old town and the new town.

The old town has the playground mentioned above while the new town has a different play area, slightly less equipped than the one in the old village yet still pleasant.

In new Monterosso, the play area is the seafront and more than a full playground, it is a series of outdoor toys.

PLay area along the seafront in Monterosso new town

Between the road and the beach clubs, you find an area with a hiding spot and rolling wall, then further down an area with a small climbing frame with noodle climber, tube slide and rollers.

Neat both, there are comfortable benches for the parents to sit and a plethora of cages and focaccia places to get snacks and drinks.

The trees along the promenade offer some shade.

However, in summer this area gets rather sunny and very hot in the central hours of the day and we prefer it for play time in the late afternoon.

small playing area along the promenade in new Monterosso

Bonus – the fantastic playground in Levanto

Levanto is not Cinque Terre but it is so near, such a fantastic base to visit Cinque Terre with kids and it has a playground so good, I believe it belongs on this list!

The playground in Levanto is right on the main town square.

You reach it easily from both the station and the port and it is super well equipped with play frames, as well as benches for the parents to sit and rest.

Even better: since it is in the main square, parents can even find a seat in one of the local cafes while watching the kids play!

In the Levanto play area, kids find slides, swings, climbing frames, an enclosed and very bouncy trampoline, merry go round and spring toys.

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Our children in the playground in Levanto

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