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Baby carriers for Italy travel you’ll love

The best baby carriers for Italy: brands and models that work best on an Italian vacation

I consider a baby carrier a family travel essential when it comes to traveling to and around Italy.

I always recommend to also bring a stroller however, there are some situations when nothing but a carrier will do.

A carrier will come in handy in:

Museums – this may be a museum rule or just a practical consideration as not all museums are stroller friendly

Ancient sites – many are technically buggy-friendly but in practice much easier with a baby carrier

Cobbled streets – for short city center strolls in ancient cities and villages, carriers are better for baby and parent as they save you from lots of bumpy rides

Train trips – trains in Italy tend to have very high access steps and you need to fold the stroller once in

Public transport – especially in big cities like Rome

Hiking – if you want to go hiking in places such as the Dolomites or Cinque Terre, you will need a proper hiking carrier as strollers (standard and all terrain) simply won’t be fit for the job.

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Baby carriers for Italy travel we loved

Disclaimer: this is a personal selection of carriers we found worked well with our kids and only reflects our experience of the products.

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Baby Bjorn One – our favorite baby carrier for traveling with a baby

The very first carrier we owed was a Baby Bjorn and we all loved it.

My son settled in it like a dream and I found it was perfect for my back too.

The shoulder straps are wide and padded, the buckles easy to open and close and I could easily adjust the carrier around my hips which helped me spread the weigh well and took away strain from my shoulder and lower back.

The carrier can be worn in 3 positions (front facing you, front facing out and shoulder carry) however, I only ever used it in front, in both positions, as these were the positions that worked best for us.

According to the manufacturer, this Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier is/has:

  • Max weight recommendation: 33 lbs
  • 3 positions: front facing in, front facing out, shoulder carrying
  • Machine washable
  • Several colors available
  • Support the ergonomic M shape recommended by baby wearing specialists
  • Padded shoulder straps and waist belt for comfort
  • Material: Outer fabric: 60% cotton, 40% polyester. Lining: 100‍% cotton. Padding:polyester and PU foam (straps)
  • Adjustable head support for baby

I found this carrier particularly good during the first few baby months as the shaped and sized seem to fit our kids best up to 6 months of age.

Ergo Baby Original baby carrier – our favorite toddler carrier for Italy

When my daughter came along I wanted a new carrier that would be just for her and I opted for the Ergo Baby, which turned out to be one of the best baby purchases we have ever made!

the carrier can be used from birth with the use of a baby insert (sold separately) but we used this as a toddler carrier and it was outstanding.

The seat is wide and ergonomic, the shoulder straps nice and padded and the hip strap large, adjustable and very comfortable.

Very easily, I could just tighten it around my hops and then use the buckles to easily take the carrier off.

It was a super easy baby wearing experience and one that worked well on travel when you may have to get the baby out of the carrier fast for instance when passing security in the airport or entering a museum…or the Colosseum!

According to manufacturer instructions, the Ergo Baby Carrier baby carrier is/has:

  • Multi position carrying: front facing you, hip, shoulder carrying
  • Material: cotton
  • Padded shoulder straps and supportive hip band
  • Extra large zippered storage pocket
  • Head cover for baby
  • Max weight recommendations: 45 lbs

Deuter Kid comfort

The Deuter Kid Comfort was our hiking carrier.

We used it both here at home and on the Dolomites and it was perfect for us and our children and made us all feel safe and steady on our feet while on trails.

The carrier has a solid frame and a metal folding leg that allows it to sit up when on the ground – perfect to help you get your toddler in and out easily.

Several easy to use straps keep your toddler safe and you have padded shoulders and straps that allow you to adjust it like a backpack, spreading the weight well and avoiding back strain.

Good to know: if you have never used a hiking carrier with a toddler before, start slow! As good as the carrier can be, a toddler on your shoulders on a mountain path does get heavy fast, take your time to get used to it and start slow!

This Deuter Kid Comfort carrier is /has:

  • Adjustable, Padded Shoulders straps
  • Adjustable hip strap
  • Aircontact Lite back system to avoid excessive perspiration
  • Large back pockets for essentials
  • Locking, stable kickstand 
  • Step-in side access
  • Several colors available

Good to know! The Comfort series has several models, including a ‘women fit’ that promises to be designed specifically to suit a women anatomy.

You can check them our here (there is a handy comparison table too)

Other baby carriers for Italy you may like

During my quest for the best baby carrier for Italy, I came across others that caught my attention:

Ergobaby 360 All-Position Baby Carrier with Lumbar Support and Cool Air Mesh (12-45 lbs) – travel baby carrier for summer

If traveling to Italy in the hot seasons, you may want to swap your traditional baby carrier with a light, summer one.

Summers in Italy can be viciously hot and a baby attached to your body will make them even hotter, for them and for you!

A good baby carrier to consider if you think heat can be a problem is this by Ergobaby with lightweight air mesh.

It has all the characteristics of a good Ergo baby carrier including multi position carrying, lumbar support, padded shoulders and ergonomic design but it is designed specifically to help air flow, perfect for summer weather.

Baby Tula Coast Explore Mesh Baby Carrier

Another alternative we considered is the Tula Explorer Mesh, which ticks all the boxes of a nice summer carrier.

The carrier has nice padded shoulders and a hip strap and stands out for a central breathable panel that is studied for being worn in hot weather.

Tula makes many variations of its carriers and has lovely patterns so if you don’t like any of those presented so far, you may well be in luck with one of theirs! Have a look at them here.

Konny Baby Carrier Summer | Ultra-Lightweight, Hassle-Free Baby Wrap Sling

Another option you may want to consider as baby carrier for Italy in summer is this Konny Baby summer wrap sling.

Unlike others on this list, this carrier wears like a sling however (no buckles etc) however, it has a handy back panel that allows for easy positioning.

The sling is made of cool spandex air mesh and it is made specifically with the hot season in mind as it promises excellent breathability.

Baby Carrier, Eccomum Multifunction Baby Carrier Hip Seat (Ergonomic M Position) for 3-36 Month Baby

A slighly different take on the baby carrier is this one by Eccomum, which is carrier but also a hip seat that you can use with no strap a well as a standard baby wearing backpack.

The hip seat can be useful when you just need a little extra support when carrying your baby or if you want to keep weight away from your shoulders.

With 6 different carrying positions, this sounds like a good carrier fro travel when adaptability is key.

I hope you enjoyed this selection of the carriers that worked for us and it helped you find one you like.

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