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5 most beautiful lakes in the Dolomites you can reach by car

A list of 5 of the most accessible and most beautiful lakes in the Dolomites. The best Dolomites lakes for non hikers.

The Dolomites are rich in wonderful lakes. Some of the most evocative alpine lakes in the area are at the end of hikes however, some are not!

If you are not a hiker, you will be delighted to hear that you can see some of the best lakes on the Dolomites without having to get into strenuous walks – these are 5 Dolomites lakes that are easy to reach and are guaranteed to leave you speechless with their beauty!

The best lakes in the Dolomites with car access

Lago di Braies (Pragser Wildsee, Lake Braies )

Lake Braies is one of the most photographed lakes on the Dolomites.

A small mountain lake surrounded by beautiful peaks, the lake became an Instagram sensation a few years ago, attracting photographers lured in by its pretty green waters.

Lake Braies Italy

This sudden success of this ‘hidden gem’ is funny for people like me, who have been vacationing in the area all their life, however, Lake Braies is indeed very pretty!

Contained in size, it is surrounded by tall mountains and the peaks reflect their image in the calm, green waters of the lake. Cute wooden boats add to the picture perfect scene.

You can easily reach Lake Braies by car and there is a hotel/restaurant on the shore. A nice and family-friendly trail goes around the lake and offers lovely views of the lake and the mountains.

This is an easy and pleasant way to experience the natural Park of Fanes-Sennes-Braies of which the lake is part and admire the beauty that brought the Dolomites to enter the list of Unesco World Heritage sites.

You can find here >>> our guide to Lago di Braies and our tips for visitng

Best lake on the Dolomites for photographers and instagrammers.

Lago di Dobbiaco, Toblachersee

Lake Dobbiaco is a very pretty mountain lake in the Dolomites, close to the Three Peaks of Lavaredo and the charming towns of Dobbiaco and San Candido.

Lake Dobbiaco with mountains as backdrop
Lake Dobbiaco

Lake Dobbiaco is very easy to access and has a large parking just close to its shores, which also serves the lake campsite, a very popular camping spot especially for families with kids.

On the lake you can rend pedal boats or you can walk along the easy path that follows the circumference of the lake. This is an easy walk, family friendly, under the pretty trees that frame the lake. Lake Dobbiaco has green, crystal clear waters, lovely peaks around it and and a nice cafe’/restaurant with terrace on the lake to enjoy the view!

One of the best Dolomites lakes for families with kids. You can find our full guide to Lake Dobbiaco here.

Lake Misurina

lake Misurina is a large, beautiful lake on the Dolomites under Mount Cristallo, which towers above its waters. Lake Misurina is one of the largest in this list and you may recognize it from photos showing its calm waters and a lakeside hotel and a large mountain in the background – one of the most iconic images of the area!

Lake Misurina is easily accessible by car and it has a nice path around it that is family friendly and stroller accessible.

Breathtaking landscape of Lake Misurina with Dolomites mountain in background, Italy. Panoramic nature landscape of travel destination in Eastern Dolomites in Italy.

Lago di Carezza, Karersee

Lago di Carezza or Karersee is another very beautiful and much-photographed lake in the Dolomites. It is surrounded by a thick fir forest and overlooked by the Latemar Peaks, which reflect their stunning rocks in its green waters.

Carezza Lake, Dolomites, Italy
Beautiful view on Lago di Carezza lake or Karersee with mountains reflection in Italian Dolomites alps. South Tyrol, Italy, Europe

A large car park serves the lake and there is an easy yet scenic path around the lake that is suitable for all levels of fitness. You can also opt for other hikes in the area, including the one names after Empress Elisabeth, which is a nice easy path climbing up across the forests, leading to beautiful viewpoints.

Lago Ghedina

Lago Ghedina is close to Cortina d’Ampezzo, one of the most famous localities in the Dolomites and you can reach it on foot, by car or bus.

The lake is small and it has pretty green waters that reflect the many trees around it and the pretty wooden hut that operates as a cafe’ restaurant.

The view of Dolomiti mountain -Lago Ghedina, Cortina d’Ampezzo Italy Europe, UNESCO World Heritage Site

Other beautiful lakes on the Dolomites you can easily reach by car:

Lago di Anterselva – in the Vedrette di Ries-Aurina Nature Park, this is a large, beautiful lake with green waters and a stroller-friendly path that follows the perimeter of the lake.

Lago di Molveno – lovely lake in the Brenta Dolomites. Nice lake beaches, lawns and play areas make it popular with families especially.

Lago di Tovel – in Val di Non, under the beautiful Brenta Dolomites, this is a lovely lake with a popular trail following its perimeter. In summer, to limit car access, a shuttle service is from the access car park.

Tips for your Dolomites vacation

I hope you enjoyed this list of the best lakes in the Dolomites for accessibility. Safe travel planning!

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