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The best Christmas markets in Italy: 2021 locations and dates

The best Christmas markets in Italy: 2021 guide to the best holiday markets in Italy to enjoy Christmas Italy.

There is nothing better to immerse yourself in the festive spirit than to visit a Christmas market and Italy has many beautiful ones worth experiencing.

The best Christmas markets in Italy are traditionally in the region of Alto Adige and Trentino, in the North East of the country, an area with strong influences from Austria and Germany, the cradle of European Christmas markets

However, there are many other towns and regions that have embraced the tradition of holiday markets: these are some of the best!

Please note: due to the current situation, dates and attendance regulations to Italy’s Christmas markets may change. Please do check the official sites of each market (we link to them in this article) and current regulations on the day of your visit to catch possible last-minute changes.

The best Christmas markets in Italy at a glance

Italian Christmas markets to visit in 2021 include:

  • Bolzano (Alto Adige)
  • Vipiteno Alto Agide)
  • Merano (Alto Adige)
  • Brunico (Alto Adige)
  • Bressanone (Alto Adige)
  • Trento (Trentino)
  • Arco (Trentino)
  • Verona (Veneto)
  • Gubbio (Umbria)

Bolzano Christmas market

The Christmas market in Bolzano is the biggest in Italy and runs over the course of over one month in Bolzano’s stunning Walther.

best christmas markets in Italy: Bolzano market at night

Dates: 26th November 2021 – 6th January 2022

Location: Piazza Wernher, Bolzano/Bozen, Italy

Opening times: 10.00 am to 7.00 pm with reduced hours on the following dates:

  • 24 December: 10.00- 14.00
  • 25th December: closed
  • 31st December: 10.00 – 18.00
  • 1st January: ore 12.00 – 19.00

Full program: here

Merano Christmas market

The Merano Christmas markets runs for the whole festive period in the lovely town on Merano, where the streets fill with food and crafts stands.

Dates: 26th November 2021 – 6th January 2022

Opening Hours:

  • Sunday – Thursday 10.00h – 19.00h Friday-Saturday: 10.00h – 20.00h except on the following dates:
  • 6th-7th December: 10.00h- 20.00h
  • 24th December: 10.00h-16.30h only
  • 31st December: 10.00-16.30 only
  • 1st January: 10.00h-19.00h
  • 6the January: 10.00h-18.00h

Full program: here

Vipiteno Christmas Market

The Christmas market in Vipiteno is a wonderful opportunity to visit this lovely town. The market stands out especially for its traditional craft stands and wooden figurines.

Something special: don’t miss the Nativity scenes in the town’s medieval tower and the opportunity to take a romantic horse and carriage ride around town!

Where: Vipiteno town

Dates: 26th November 2021 – 6th January 2022

Opening hours: 10.00h to 19.00 with the following exceptions:

  • 24th December: 10.00h – 13.00h
  • 25th December: closed
  • 31st December: 10.00h – 17.00h
  • 1st January: 13.00h – 19.00h

Full program: here

Brunico Christmas markets

The lovely town of Brunico hosts a wonderful Christmas market known for both its food and crafts stands.

Family special: every weekend, the market hosts special events for kids such as workshops to build bug hotels, bake cookies or making Christmas presents with their own hands!

Where: Brunico old town center

Dates: 25th November 2021 – 6th January 2022

Opening Hours: every day 10.00-19.00 with the following exceptions:

  • 24th December: 10.00h – 14.00h
  • 25th December: closed
  • 31st December: 10.00h – 19.00h
  • 1st January: 10.00h – 19.00h

Full program: here

Bressanone Christmas Market

Bressanone/Brixen puts on a wonderful Christmas market plus something special: the option to visit the Nativity Museum, showcasing the incredible local art of figurine making!

Dates: 26th November 2021- 6th January 2022

Opening hours: Monday-Thursday: 10am – 7.00pm ; Friday-Saturday: 10am – 7.30pm Sunday and holidays: 9.30am – 7pm Except on the following dates:

  • 24th December: 10am – 4pm
  • 25th december: closed
  • 31st dcember: 10.00h-4.00pm
  • 1st January: 12-00h-7.00hpm
  • 6th January: 10.00h – 6.00h pm

Full program: here

Other Christmas markets in Alto Adige

As well as the town mentioned above, several smaller centers host Christmas markets so if you are skiing in the area, chances are there is one you can check out near you!

Some pretty Christmas markets in the area take place in San Candido, Castelrotto, Dobbiaco and Ortisei, all wonderful locations for holidaying in the Dolomites.

Trento Christmas Market

The Trento Christmas market is more recent than others in the same area but has quickly gained popularity thanks to its wonderful stands that fill two large piazzas.

In 2019 it had over 90 stands with food and local crafts and it is only gaining popularity so it is one to watch for the coming years!

Where: Trento town center

Dates: In 2021, The market is currently scheduled to run from the 20th November 2021 to the 9th January 2022. You can find the official info here

Christmas market at Arco, near Lake Garda

If Lake Garda is in your plans, then you should not miss the Christmas Market in Arco, a wonderfully atmospheric town on the mountains near Lake Garda.

The market opens as early as the 16th of November and a visit can easily be combined with a stop in nearby Riva del Garda, a wonderful lakeside town with beautiful mountain views.

The small town of Arco and its ancient streets are the perfect backdrops for the festive Christmas huts, farm and shows.

Dates: specific days between 19th November 2021 – 6th January 2022, find official calendar here

Verona Christmas market

Verona hosts a wonderful Christmas market in German tradition organized in partnership with the Christkindlmarkt of Nuremberg, Germany

The market takes place in Piazza dei Signori and spreads in other locations in the city, making November/December a special time to visit this romantic city!

Dates (to be confirmed): 12th November – 26th December 2021

(Usual) Opening hours:

  • Sunday to Thursday: 10.00h – 21.30h
  • Friday, Saturday, pre-festive days: 10.00h – 23.00h
  • 24th December: 10.00h – 17.00h
  • 25the December: opens at 16.00
  • 26th December: 10.00h – 18.00h

Christmas Market in Gubbio, Umbria

The lovely and historical town of Gubbio in Umbria has a strong Christmas tradition and it is famous for something special: the biggest Christmas tree in the world!

The tree is not only huge but unique: rather than a large fir tree in the center of a piazza, the Gubbio Christmas tree appears on the slope of Mount Ingino, shaped by hundreds of light sources!

As well as the beautiful tree, lit up every night from the 7th of December to the end of the festive period, Gubbio also has a German style Christmas market with food and craft stands.

Dates for 2021 to be confirmed. In 2020, the planned dates were:

  • 21, 22, 28, 29 November
  • 5, 6, 7, 8, 12, 13, 19, 20 December
  • 23 December to 6th January

Opening hours: 10.00 – 20.00h

Official info here

The best Christmas markets in Italy’s main cities

Christmas markets also lit up the streets and piazzas of some of Italy’s main cities and they can be a lovely stop to add to your sightseeing itinerary if you are visiting Italy in December!

Naples Christmas market (rather: street!)

The place to go if you are in Naples at Christmas is Via San Gregorio Armeno, famous for all its incredible nativity figurines artisan production, unique in the world!


Rome has several Christmas markets, the most famous of all being the one held in Piazza Navona, one of the most beautiful squares in the city.

Rome Piazza Navona with Christmas stalls, one of the best Christmas markets in Italy for location

The market is hit and miss in terms of quality, the high affluence and standard of years ago having slipped in the last few editions.

Despite this, if you are in Rome in December or January, you cannot miss at least a walk here: if nothing else, the square will alone be worth your time!

Florence Christmas market

The Florence Christmas market takes place in Piazza Santa Croce and has a mix of stands with food and artisan products including the highly sough after leather products typical of this area.

Dates 2021: TBC, usually 27th November to 19th December

Milan Christmas market

Dates and location 2021: TBC

I hope you enjoyed this quick overview of the best Christmas markets in Italy and it gave you ideas on where to spend your holidays. Safe travel planning!

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