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Italy in November: all you need to know to plan the perfect trip

Visiting Italy in November: all you need to know to plan a trip! The best places to visit in November in Italy, when to book what, what to expect from the weather.

November is not the first month that comes to mind when planning a trip to Italy.

However, it is not a bad time to visit Italy, if you don’t mind the occasional rainy day!

An autumnal month, November feels wintery in most of Italy and it is likely to treat you to a mix of rain and sunny days and, overall, increasingly chilly temperatures.

If this sounds like a discouraging picture, let me reassure you: November in Italy can also be wonderful!

With smaller crowds, lower costs and the lack of the scorching summer sun, November in Italy is a glorious time for sightseeing and can be one of the best times to visit popular destinations without getting overwhelmed by the crowds.

This is all you need to know to plan a trip to Italy in November

Please notethis is a seasonal travel guide about Italy in November, meant to help you decide the best time of the year for your visit. For official information and travel advisory that may affect your trip, please refer to your Government travel advisory. Check here for official info if traveling from USCanadaUKIrelandAustraliaNew Zealand.

2021 need to know

In November 2021 several exceptional rules and regulations are in place in Italy.

This may affect your ability to enter the country (or the documents needed to do so), movement between regions, movements and access to attractions within a certain locality and hospitality services.

Wearing protective face masks is currently compulsory indoors and outdoors when social distancing is not possible.

Please refer to the latest news for an up-to-date overview of the situation and always abide by local and national rules.

Venice Grand Canal in cold weather, with low sunset
Grand Canal and Basilica Santa Maria della Salute at sunset, Venice, Italy. Credit: Depositphotos

Italy in November: what you will find in this article

  • Overview of weather in November in Italy
  • November festivities and events in Italy
  • Recommended places to visit in Italy in November
  • November in Italy with kids
  • What to book in advance for November in Italy

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The weather in Italy in November: what to expect

November is autumn in Italy.

During this month, the summer is well and truly over in Italy and while you may still find mild enough temperatures in some localities, especially in the South, you will spend most of your time wearing a jacket and, sometimes, reaching out for your umbrella.

November in Italy is first and foremost a time of changeable weather so what you will actually find once in Italy is not truly predictable until the very last minute.

However, to give you an idea of temperature, historically the temperatures for November in Italy were:

Name of placeTemperature Max/MinAverage n. of rainy days
MilanMax 18C/64F – Min 11C/52F6 days
BolzanoMax 11C/52F – Min 1C/34F11.5 days
RomeMax 17C/62F – Min 6C/43F9 days
PalermoMax 20C/68 – Min 11C/52F8 days

November festivities in Italy you need to know about

The 1st of November is a national holiday in Italy and therefore a day off for locals.

If it falls close to a weekend, this may result in a long weekend which means you will compete with locals as well as tourists for accommodation, seats on trains etc.

If planning on being on the road around that day or planning on train travel, advance booking is recommended (see also below)

The best places to visit in Italy in November

It is hard to recommend places to visit in November as depending on the weather on the day, the same place can be wonderful or miserable!

Lake Como for instance can be an absolute delight at this time, as the photo above shows, or it can be wet and excessively quiet.

Expectations and taste do play a large part in how pleasant Italy in November is or isn’t.

Overall, these are our favorite for the season:


November is a rainy month in Rome but a great one to enjoy the city with smaller crowds and to visit on a budget.

At this time, you may still be able to have lunch outdoors and you can easily enjoy time exploring Rome piazzas and main attractions and the city’s beautiful museums.

You can learn what makes November in Rome special here

View of Rome with St Peter Square in the distance


Venice is misty, intimate and romantic in November.

While you may need to wrap up and endure rain (and potentially high water- check the forecast before going), November will allow you to see Venice with smaller crowds and still enjoy its lagoon.

Make sure you take a ferry ride to Burano to brighten up your November day with the colors of this stunning town.

Burano in cold weather
As you can tell from this photo, even on a colder day Burano’s colors pop!


Tuscany in the fall is stunning.

This is the time to enjoy the stunning foliage of the Tuscan forests and to taste the warming food of this amazing terroir.

November in Tuscany is a time for long walks in hilltop towns followed by dinners in local restaurants and also the best time to enjoy Tuscany’s hot springs.

Whether you like organized thermal spas or free springs that flow straight from the mountains, Tuscany will deliver. You can find here >>> our guide to hot springs in Tuscany.

Radicofani Tuscany

The best places to visit in Tuscany in November are:


Often considered the little sister of Tuscany, Umbria is stunning in any season and can be a real treat in November

Not to be missed are:

  • Orvieto
  • Perugia
  • Assisi
  • Citta’ di Castello
  • Spello
  • Gubbio
duomo of Orvieto Umbria

Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast is hit and miss in November.

On one hand, the Costiera lives its low season at this time, meaning you can enjoy some of its usually very busy towns almost on your own.

On the other, the low season means you will miss out on swimming and boating and you may have fewer choices in terms of transport, the tourist ferries operating on a reduced schedule

Overall, this is a good destination in November only for those who don’t mind the peculiar atmosphere of a sea destination in winter.

Find here >>> our recommended Amalfi Coast itinerary


Puglia is one of my favorite destinations in Italy in November.

Locorotondo Puglia Italy
Street of Locorotondo, Italy, in November

On a good year, you will be able to enjoy long days out and still wear summer clothing here, without the scorching heat of the summer.

Wonderful places to visit in Puglia at this time are

You can see them all with a short road trip: you can find our 3 day Puglia itinerary here.


November can be a good month to visit Sicily.

Syracuse Sicily duomo

Outside of the busy summer time, in November you will be able to visit Sicily’s stunning archaeological sites without melting in its torrid sun and you will still be able to enjoy beautiful sea views.

This is a good time for cultural tourism in Sicily rather than and sea and sun vacation since high temperatures, especially towards the end of the month, are not always guaranteed.

Places we love in Sicily are:

You can find here >>> a Sicily itinerary we loved

Other places you may want to visit in Italy in November

Dolomites – November can be a good time to visit the Dolomites, depending on your plans.

In terms of weather, is not a great time to visit this area: in November, the season is too advanced for most hiking and not quite advanced enough for skiing.

While you can still get lovely sights of the beautiful landscape here, a summer or winter trip here is better

However, many towns open their Christmas markets at the end of the month and they are among the best Christmas markets in Italy so if you are in the mood for German-Style Christmas, this can be a good destination!

Christmas market Bolzano
Christmas market in Bolzano with lights and decorations

Cinque Terre – similar to the above, Cinque Terre is not at its best in November, especially towards the end of the month.

The weather is usually too cold for swimming and rains are frequent: if coming at this time, check carefully the conditions of the path before venturing up. Find here >>> our guide to the best towns in Cinque Terre.

November in Italy with kids

November in Italy is hit and miss with kids. Older kids who can enjoy museums and sightseeing will have no problems but little ones who may want days at the park and possibly the beach may be disappointed.

Destinations I feel work well with kids at this time are:

Florence – always lovely with children but way too hot in summer.

Venice – blissfully devoid of mosquitoes, hungry and annoying in summer

Tuscany – October has the perfect temperature for hilltop town hopping

Rome – full of indoor and outdoor attractions for all ages

Sicily – mild and beautiful perfect for family sightseeing and the occasional day on the beach (for sandcastles, not swimming)

Dolomites – pros and cons at this time, but can be a nice outdoor escape if you are in the area

Lake Garda – depending on the weather, it can work as a wonderful short break for a weekend.

Looking for family destination ideas in Italy? Find my selection of the best places to visit in Italy with kids here.

What to book in advance for spending November in Italy

November is not too busy in Italy but advance booking for all main attractions is recommended.

This is also the case in 2020 when advance booking is compulsory to ensure compliance with current regulations.

Attractions that need advance booking are:

Trains do not usually need to be booked in advance however, high-speed trains on popular routes such as Rome to Florence do tend to book out or only have very expensive tickets available.

The first of November, All Saints, is a National Holiday a traditional long weekend for Italians. Book in advance if planning on traveling at that time.

I hope you enjoyed this quick guide to Italy in November. Don’t forget to also check out our 101 travel tips for Italy, for extra info. Safe travel planning!

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